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Around these 3 keywords that define us, we have common values: the search for performance, commitment and humility at the service of our clients to help them take ownership of their solution. We also have convictions, forged on our feedback: nothing like expert and tight teams to get out of complex programs and in tight deadlines; it is by placing people at the heart of all relationships that we build partnerships of trust.

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Stéphane VIVIEN

Stéphane VIVIEN

CEO - Head of BI

Recognized expert on Business Intelligence topic (speaker at Microsoft’s TechDays about the adequacy between tools and usages) and Data Management with a background made of programs management and consulting/scoping missions, he also headed Gfi’s specialised BI&DM business unit.

Data Vault Certification

Jean-François SALUDEN

Jean-François SALUDEN

Head of Data Management

Recognized European expert on Data Management topics (ETL and databases including MPP, co-author with Informatica of a white paper about data integration, designer of a data hub solution) and BI, he initiated functional evolutions around Data Vault design models.

Data Vault Certification

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Enterprise DataWarehouse redesign

We intervened for a subsidiary of one of the aeronautics world leaders to support them to scope the redesign of their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDWH). This initiative is part of the overall complete IS redesign that manage satellite operations and the selling and...

Data Architecture

We were asked to intervene to help a world leader in wines and spirits to define the best Data architecture allowing to provide a central and certified view of data. This program is part of the EPM (Entreprise Performance Management) finance initiative carried out by...


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By the way, what is an expert?

That is a very good question, thanks for asking 😉 An expert is someone with a lot of years of experience? No, even if it is for 20 years, if you only do the same things in the same context… An expert is someone who gets certificates? Neither! An expert is not someone...

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