We intervened for a subsidiary of one of the aeronautics world leaders to support them to scope the redesign of their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDWH).

This initiative is part of the overall complete IS redesign that manage satellite operations and the selling and marketing of the photos taken by satellites.

Our mission was therefore to define the right strategy, the right approach respecting good implementation practices. To do this, Follow Us has worked on the following axes:

  • Source business data governance: which Information System is (are) master(s)? => in which IS can we create, modify, delete occurrences?
  • IT and Business sponsoring: an EDWH implementation project and its related reporting/analytics system is at a crossroads between:
    • the Business that defines its needs based on the operating capabilities of its data
    • the IT processes (supply, load and transform this data on one hand, monitor data flows on the other hand)
    • security – extremely strong in our customer context
  • Implementation Approach:
    • Related to the EDWH design methodology: Data Vault
    • Related to the roadmap of candidate data for EDWH integration according to the global program roadmap

Once the Data Vault presentation workshops were completed, our client – very interested in the method – wanted to set up a Proof of Concept to own the process on a scope currently managed by the current BI. We have therefore defined several validation criteria for this POC:

  • A first step of Data Vault is fed
  • The 3 KPIs selected in the scope are validated versus their respective value in the current BI
  • The joint construction process for indicators and reporting (Datamart stage) suits the Business users
  • IT (integrator/ client) adheres to the global approach
  • We meet expected planning and budget

The quality work (the 5 criteria are OK) provided in a limited time (5 weeks) allowed to confirm to our client the validity of the recommended method because it also allowed to highlight several current problems of data governance (data attributes not at the right level, data inconsistencies between several source exports, etc.) that were not highlighted by the current BI.

Our client will now start writing a complete BI statement of work that must be out by the end of the year for the full implementation of its EDWH with Data Vault methodology.