For which ROI set up a Data Hub?

  • Increased cross-application flows readability
  • Centralization of data transformation/adjustment rules
  • Comprehensive and consolidated view of business data
  • Reduced infrastructure (storage, data flow) and application maintenance costs
  • Re-appropriation of exchanges by the Business Lines and in particular the concerned Data Owners

Set up an MDM system? For what benefits?

  • Having a definition reference for its business objects, the intangible capital that is a reference data with controlled quality is important
  • Remove hidden costs of non-quality
  • Overhaul (and centralize) the business processes – allowing if necessary to move towards a Business Process Management approach
  • Finally be able to have a 360 view of its business objects through the IS
Data Quality

Interests of working on data quality?

  • Better decision-making through reliable KPIs
  • Better customer lifecycle control => 360 view / churn reduction
  • Time savings on cleaning up recurring manual data