We were asked to intervene to help a world leader in wines and spirits to define the best Data architecture allowing to provide a central and certified view of data.

This program is part of the EPM (Entreprise Performance Management) finance initiative carried out by the Group CFO, which is intended to provide a complete budgetary vision for all the group’s subsidiaries. It is therefore a strategic and unprecedented issue.

Already owning a Data Platform mixing Big Data and reporting platform, our client set up in parallel the two necessary projects to achieve this unified group vision:

  • A group product referential creation throughout a PIM (Production information management) project.
  • The “Master Data Hub” pilar project aiming to consolidate the entire MDM needs of each subsidiary as well as a Data Hub need to provide the data needed for financial reporting.

Follow Us’s was to help the internal Data teams define the application and technical architecture of these two projects in relation to the existing “Data platform” by paying particular attention to the data flow architecture.

This point was critical because the realization of a three heads Meta Data Hub sufficiently open to encourage the adoption of subsidiaries is critical for the outcome of financial stakes at group level.

The work carried out in a very limited time allowed to arrive at a series of recommendations that we have declined in time, according to the critical milestones of projects roadmaps.

We also assess the implementation costs and the recommend an organization that would enable the implementation of all the interfaces with the 100+ company’s subsidiaries.

This project also highlighted the inherent difficulties in this kind of complex program, especially its adoption dimension by subsidiaries; but it also allowed to initiate a clarification work of the roles and expectations of each of the contributors, which are often underestimated and this is often why MDM projects can slipped, or even failed.