By the way, what is an expert?

That is a very good question, thanks for asking 😉 An expert is someone with a lot of years of experience? No, even if it is for 20 years, if you only do the same things in the same context… An expert is someone who gets certificates? Neither! An expert is not someone...

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Warehouse on the Lake

No, this is not the sequel of Little House on the Prairie, but rather the continuation of our articles related to the buzz words wandering in the world of Data… So now that the implementation of Datalakes has been completed - or is in progress, or even starting... -...

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Got your Data Hub???

“So, you finally got it?” “So, you finally got it?” “What?” “Well your Data Hub!!!!” “Oh yeah, that's great, we implemented it right after our Datalake!!!” “But then what are the benefits?” “…”“Well, first of all, imagine the Datalake!” “…” “…” “…” “We put a lot of...

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